Too Nice For Your Own


“Too Nice For Your Own” is a captivating novel that delves into the struggles of Emily, a young woman whose unwavering kindness and selflessness threaten to consume her. As she grapples with the consequences of putting others first, Emily embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning to set boundaries and prioritize her own well-being. This thought-provoking tale challenges societal expectations and explores the balance between compassion and self-care.


“Too Nice For Your Own” is a contemporary novel that explores the challenges and consequences of excessive kindness and selflessness. The story revolves around the life of the protagonist, Emily, a young woman who possesses an innate inclination to always put others’ needs before her own.

Emily’s unwavering compassion and desire to help often lead her to neglect her own well-being and personal aspirations. She consistently goes out of her way to assist friends, family, and even strangers, even at the expense of her own happiness. Her selfless acts range from lending a listening ear to offering practical assistance in times of need.

As the narrative progresses, Emily’s selflessness begins to take a toll on her emotional and mental health. She finds herself frequently overwhelmed, drained, and unfulfilled, as her giving nature leaves little room for self-care and personal growth. Her relationships become imbalanced, with some people taking advantage of her kind nature without reciprocating the same level of support.

The turning point in the story occurs when Emily faces a major life event or encounters a particular individual who challenges her default tendency to always put others first. This event serves as a catalyst for her self-discovery and prompts her to question the boundaries of her kindness.

Throughout the novel, Emily embarks on a journey of self-reflection, seeking to strike a balance between her natural inclination to be kind and her own personal needs and desires. She learns the importance of setting healthy boundaries, saying “no” when necessary, and prioritizing her own well-being without feeling guilty.

The story not only delves into the complexities of human relationships but also raises thought-provoking questions about the societal expectation of constant niceness and its impact on an individual’s personal growth and happiness.

“Too Nice For Your Own” is a compelling exploration of the often-overlooked challenges faced by those who struggle to find equilibrium between selflessness and self-care. It serves as a reminder that genuine kindness should be a reciprocal exchange, where individuals take care of themselves as they take care of others.

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