Atalanta (B&N Exclusive Edition)


Unleash the untamed spirit of the legendary huntress in “Atalanta” (B&N Exclusive Edition). Embark on a gripping odyssey of courage and destiny, where ancient myths meet modern storytelling. Immerse yourself in a world of empowerment and self-discovery, as Atalanta’s journey captivates your heart and ignites your imagination. This exclusive edition features enhanced elements, bringing this timeless tale to life like never before. A must-have for mythology enthusiasts and avid readers seeking a thrilling adventure.


Step into a world where ancient myths and modern storytelling collide in “Atalanta” (B&N Exclusive Edition), a captivating tale of courage, destiny, and untamed spirit. Delve into the pages of this extraordinary book that weaves the timeless legend of Atalanta, the legendary huntress of Greek mythology, with a fresh and imaginative twist.

In this exclusive edition, embark on a journey of both heart and mind as you witness the evolution of Atalanta, a fiercely independent and fearless heroine. Follow her path from a young girl, raised by the wilderness, to a woman who defies societal norms and embraces her true identity. Her determination, wit, and raw prowess become a beacon of hope, inspiring readers to embrace their own uniqueness and rise above any challenge.

Immerse yourself in the richly detailed prose that brings the ancient world to life, the sights and sounds of lush forests, the thrill of the hunt, and the all-encompassing power of love. The vivid imagery and evocative language will transport you to a realm where gods and mortals collide, where destinies intertwine, and where the unyielding pursuit of freedom and equality knows no bounds.

Crafted with meticulous care, this B&N Exclusive Edition offers exclusive content, including author insights, breathtaking illustrations, and enhanced elements that will deepen your connection with the characters and the story. Each page is a work of art, inviting you to explore the depths of human emotions and the timeless themes of self-discovery and acceptance.

Indulge in the allure of “Atalanta” (B&N Exclusive Edition), a literary gem that will capture your heart and ignite your imagination. Perfect for avid readers, fans of mythology, and those seeking a gripping tale of empowerment, this book is destined to become a cherished addition to your personal library. Prepare to be enchanted by Atalanta’s unyielding spirit as she embarks on an unforgettable odyssey of growth and self-realization.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250905499
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication date: 05/09/2023
Edition description: B&N Exclusive Edition
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 2,274
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)


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